I have bought and sold online a couple of atvs, another car and a motorcycle. I'm a business woman and a single mother and I always use Yahoo Autos. It's a very easy, fast and safe way to sell or buy vehicles online while you're taking care of your family and business as usual. I have a Yahoo Autos seller account and I can use the Yahoo Autos service for sellers to start a transaction online in a matter of minutes. The service fee is already included in my Yahoo Autos listing plus they have a great customer service. If you want to purchase it or just want a test drive and make a decision after that than I will need the following details from you so I can start the Yahoo Autos transaction with you as the buyer:

If you don't have a Yahoo ID or Yahoo email address than go to yahoo.com and click Sign Up. As soon as I receive the details I will start the transaction online and Yahoo Autos will contact you shortly after that. You will be required to send the funds to Yahoo Autos company. They will verify and hold the payment in trust. I will ship the jeep from Seattle using DAS Dependable Auto Shippers company. I like them because they ship cars in enclosed trailer which is nice. I also have a DAS gift coupon with many miles remaining for being a regular customer and I will use it. Shipping is my responsibility including return shipping so in case you don't like it, which I strongly doubt it, you don't have to pay for return shipping. The jeep will be delivered to your address in a few business days and you will have 10 business days for test drive and inspection. For test drive, a route that includes hills, bumps and potholes will make you fall in love with this Jeep, that unmistakable retro feeling(it's great in the city too). You will receive all the papers including clear title and bill of sale along with the jeep so after inspection period ends and you decide to buy it you simply register it in your name. You will have to confirm your purchase and Yahoo Autos will release the funds to me. I've explained it thoroughly but the whole process is much easier once you get started. You will receive two emails from Yahoo Autos. One is explaining the process and the other one contains the payment instructions. Check your email's Inbox and Spam/Junk folder too. If you don't receive both emails from Yahoo in the next 24 hrs please let me know. If you receive both emails from Yahoo and need to know more about the Yahoo transaction or the payment process than all you have to do is to open the transaction email from Yahoo, press Reply and ask Yahoo Autos about it. Thank you!


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