Great jeep! It has never been wrecked. All the body panels are original. Solid body, not rusty. Very straight and drives straight. I put on new Raybestos rear brakes and had drums turned. Front brakes were replaced a few years ago and are fine. I also put a new exhaust and muffler on, sounds quiet. The biggest problem with this Jeep model is the notoriously bad carburetor and emissions system. They never run right, are very expensive to repair and no mechanic can troubleshoot the mysterious vacuum leaks. So I got rid of it all and replaced it with a Mopar Closed-Loop tuned-port fuel injection system, complete with computer. This system is designed and made by Jeep as a complete upgrade package. The system consists of all new parts for a 1995 Jeep. It can be serviced at any Jeep dealer, if needed. There are cheaper Throttle body kits available (Howell), but they are not closed-loop. Closed loop means there are sensors that monitor the water temperature, the crankshaft position, the oxygen in the tailpipe, the manifold pressure, etc. and sends this info to the computer, which fine tunes everything constantly. The cheaper systems squirt the fuel into a carburetor (throttle body) whereas this system has a fuel injector properly placed in a new manifold by EACH of the 6 cylinders. Jeep dealer would not fix a TBI Howell system. The Mopar system is much more comprehensive in its monitoring and fuel delivery. Bottom line, this jeep always starts and runs, cold or hot. Super dependable. It is much quicker and uses less gas. This is the same system you would find on any new Jeep. This Jeep has all legal emission control devices including catalytic converter. It replaces all the emissions, fuel and ignition components with the following new ones: Distributor, Ignition Wires, Computer, Wiring harness, Air Filter, Emissions System, Intake Manifold, Air Cleaner, Fuel Pump and filter, Crankshaft Dampner, Thermostat and housing. Electrical: I have also fairly recently replaced the alternator (higher output model) and starter. Upgraded the stock (lame) off-road lights to Hella, but retain stock switches & wiring. Also put in the Sylvania Halogen headlights- bright. Stereo: I upgraded the stock cassette unit to a Aiwa MP3 cd/RW player w/ remote and disappearing face. Remote is a must as stereo is low on the dash stock location. Upgraded the speakers to Infinity. Suspension: the Jeep has a 2 inch Soft-Ride spring lift. Most 2 inch lifts are extended spring shackles, but that is not proper. I replaced the springs and shocks, along with the steering stabilizer. I also installed the polyurethane bushings in lieu of the spongy stock rubber ones. I also added the transfer case lowering adapter not required for a 2 inch lift but it keeps everything in line and vibration-free. The reason I only lifted 2 inch was to fit the wheels I wanted on and keep it streetable. I did not want this Jeep for 4x4 ing. I have the Landcruiser (FJ40) and a dirtbike for that. This was made to be very drivable, but I wanted it to look right. Stock wheels on these Jeeps look silly. Wheels: I ponied up some cash here, as well. Went with Centerline Racing aluminum rims, which I just polished. They sparkle. Wrapped them in Mickey Thompson MTX rubber. They look mean, yet are quiet on the highway. I wanted to widen up the stance, so I went with 31x11.50 sized tires. I also put them on the proper sized rims 8 inch wide, so they are wearing perfectly and have a ton of life left in them. The slightly wider-than-stock wheels combined with the polyurethane bushings make this jeep very stable at cornering. Paint/Interior: original paint and decals, exterior color is military green and interior color tan/gray. Never in any kind of an accident. Interior is original and so is the carpet. I always liked the color scheme on these Saharas. Body: very good condition, straight and original. Was undercoated and well maintained. Top is a replacement SuperTop. Misc: Never had a tow bar/hitch installed. Never a snowplow, I have got a 1-ton diesel pickup for that stuff. Never abused. Never mudded or rock-climbed. Automatic transmission works fine. Jeep has been garaged, not left in rain w/o top, etc. Properly maintained w/ Castrol products. Includes original manual and Jack. Long story short - this jeep is in good running condition, no damages, it's 4x4, it has air conditioning, automatic transmission, the Mopar Fuel Injected 4.2L 6-Cylinder engine, it passed emission test recently and gets 15/18 MPG. It comes with the soft top (Bestop) and a bikini top - black. It has a clear title. Please visit Pics and Carfax pages and go to Test Drive page after that. Thank you!


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